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Amrita TV comes to USA

16 June 2005

amrita tv

Amrita TV has entered US skies starting today, 16th of June.

AmritaTV has started beaming its programmes in USA. An assortment of programmes - news bulletins, telefilms, fiction, documentaries, musicals, current affairs and programmes showcasing the rich Kerala culture & spiritual wisdom of India - are being offered.

Amrita TV was launched on 14 April 2005. (news)

Amrita TV is dedicated to promoting value-oriented, responsible and socially conscious programmes, without compromising on the tastes and preferences of audiences.

Now Amma's devotees in the states can look forward to seeing beloved Amma on Amrita TV. Her heart-rending bhajans and soul-stirring satsangs are aired twice a week under the title 'Amritavarsham'.

Details please contact GlobeCast World TV
Ordering information - contact at
1 888 988 5288 for your free two month trial of Amrita Television.

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